A Photographer’s Guide to Creating a Wedding Day Treasure Chest

Hey, lovebirds! I’m thrilled to be here discussing one of my favorite things: capturing beautiful wedding day details! As your photographer, I want your special day to be perfect. That means capturing every picture-perfect moment!

To ensure we capture all the important details, let’s talk about the details box. It’s more than a box; it’s a treasure chest filled with unique elements that make your wedding day special!

Wedding Attire

First and foremost, let’s discuss the outfits! Your dress or suit, veil, shoes, and even fun socks – reflect your style and vision. Having them in one place allows us to capture every intricate detail, from the lace on your dress to the sparkle on your shoes!

Rings and Bling

Next up, the bling! Your rings, cufflinks, and watches make you and your partner unique. We’ll capture these details up close, preserving every moment of your special day.

Custom Hangers and Ring Boxes

Now, let’s get personal! Custom hangers and ring boxes add a sweet touch to your wedding day. They reflect your relationship and are worth capturing for cherished memories.


Accessories also play a significant role in completing your wedding day ensemble! Pocket squares, boutonnieres, bouquets, and flowers add color and texture. Don’t forget the fragrance! We’ll capture that too, as it becomes part of your memory.


Last but certainly not least, your wedding stationery! Invitations, vow books, save-the-dates – they set the tone for your special day. Capturing these items showcases your unique love story to your guests!

Tips for Organizing Your Box

Now, I know it might seem overwhelming to put together a details box but trust me, it’s worth it. Your wedding day is special, and every detail deserves celebration. Start by gathering all of these items and diligently labeling them. Doing so lets us keep track of everything and ensure that no detail goes unnoticed. In addition, I recommend assigning someone responsible for the details box on the day of your wedding. This designated person can assist in making sure that everything is in its proper place, ensuring that we capture every detail!

The Role of Your Photographer

Your wedding day celebrates love, and every detail is worth capturing. As your photographer, I’m honored to be part of your special day! I’ll help you relive these moments for years to come. So let’s get started and create the perfect details box together!



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