Nicole & Eddie’s Philadelphia Engagement Session

Calling all Grey’s Anatomy fans, this one’s for you! Nicole & Eddie’s engagement session is straight out of a romantic drama. A doctor meets an out-of-town nurse, and sparks fly—cue the Hallmark movie vibes! And to top it off, they share their home with an adorable corgi named Ollie, a detail that is very important coming from a fellow corgi-mom. Capturing their love was an absolute honor! I was so thrilled that I stayed up all night after the shoot, editing nearly their entire gallery. Scroll down to follow their love story, a journey that promises to mend your heart!

Operation Heartstrings

Nicole and Eddie’s love story began during Eddie’s pediatric rotation at Nicole’s hospital. For two weeks, they were teammates, sharing work responsibilities and of course, some light-hearted flirtations. At the end of the rotation, Nicole made the first move! She texted Eddie her number on their work phones, initiating what would become an unbreakable connection. Eddie texted back the following Monday, and from that day forward, they haven’t gone a day without talking!

Heartbeats in Philadelphia

Initially, they were only pen pals as Nicole lived outside of Philly, their relationship growing through messages and calls. The first date was a charming breakfast outing in West Chester. Eddie had just finished a night shift, and the meal marked the beginning of countless cherished moments. Once they finally met in person, it was clear they were meant to be together. 

One of their most memorable dates after the first was a spontaneous day spent in Philadelphia. After an unexpected day off, Nicole made the trip to visit Eddie. Nicole and Eddie explored the city, enjoying coffee and donuts at Reading Terminal Market, relaxing on the balcony, sipping wine, and having a romantic dinner at Georgio’s On Pine.

Rx for Love

Eddie was drawn to Nicole’s magnetic wit and her selfless, caring nature. He also admires Nicole’s sincere sarcasm and charismatic charm. Nicole, on the other hand, felt an immediate connection with Eddie, drawn to his easy-going, goofy personality, and his laid-back humor. 

Ollie, their spirited seven-year-old corgi, has warmly embraced Eddie as his new dad in their shared home. So, you know he had to have a spotlight during our engagement session! They delight in simple pleasures, such as family walks to the park or cozy evenings watching TV together. Whenever they have the chance for an adventure, Nicole and Eddie savor the peace of the beach or the excitement of discovering new dining spots.

Best Friends Forever

After two session re-schedules, we finally had a perfect day for our session, but after reading their questionnaire, I realized how important quality time at home was to Nicole and Eddie. After our fun portraits in the city with Ollie, we stopped home and we decided to pop the champagne and have an all-too-familiar moment reminiscing about old memories on the couch.

Looking forward, they excitedly fantasize about their wedding and the adventures that await. They dream of traveling, building a life together, and relishing the joy of being best friends forever. Their relationship thrives on mutual support and understanding, with Eddie valuing Nicole’s unwavering support and Nicole cherishing their comfortable, vulnerable bond.

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