Jessi & Marcus’ Philadelphia Engagement Session

Every great love story begins with a moment — a glance across a crowded room, a shared laugh over a simple meal, or a serendipitous meeting that changes everything! For Jessi and Marcus, that moment came amidst the shelves of Barnes & Noble. What started as a friendship forged through mutual interests and casual hangouts soon blossomed into a romance filled with laughter, shared dreams, and a deep connection that would shape their future together. Keep scrolling to see the beautiful story of Jessi and Marcus, captured through my lens during their Philadelphia engagement session!

Real Life Love Story

This Philly engagement story started in the spring of 2018, when Jessi and Marcus met while working together at Barnes & Noble. It was love at first sight, though they both wanted to take things slow and get to know each other as friends and coworkers. Marcus made the first move by inviting Jessi out for pizza with friends. Despite not liking cheese or pineapples, Jessi was eager to spend time with Marcus and happily agreed. This simple invitation marked the start of countless hangouts, where they quickly found themselves spending almost all their time together.

The First Date

Their first “official” date was a night to remember. Marcus took Jessi to see Crazy Rich Asians after her shift. And a coworker even teased Jessi and took over her book shelving duties so she could leave work quickly! That night, they shared their first kiss, marking the beginning of their romantic journey.

Shooting Stars

Jessi and Marcus look back fondly on their first summer together, filled with memorable moments such as video game sessions, grilling on the back porch, midnight walks, and long talks in cozy coffee shops. They cherished every moment spent getting to know each other, realizing they had found their soulmate. One particularly magical night, about a month after their first date, they exchanged their first “I love yous” while lying on a picnic table under the night sky. Right after that, they saw a shooting star, making it a powerful symbol in their relationship.

Better Together

Marcus says he’s captivated by Jessi’s calming and comforting eyes, which bring him peace and confidence after a tough day. Her nurturing nature and quiet strength are qualities he deeply admires. Jessi, on the other hand, loves Marcus’ unwavering commitment to their relationship and his ability to make her laugh, even in her darkest moments. His humor and support brighten her days and give her the courage to face any challenge.

The Everyday Love

Together, Jessi and Marcus share a love for long road trips, where they can talk, sing along to music, and listen to audiobooks, particularly those by their favorite author, Brandon Sanderson. They also enjoy leisurely brunches, savoring coffee and pancakes while talking about anything and everything. Looking ahead, they are most excited to start a family together. While the future may be uncertain, knowing they have each other to lean on brings them immense comfort and joy. They dream of growing old together, sharing memories and wisdom with future generations.

Where It All Started

Jessi and Marcus’ engagement shoot was a beautiful blend of Philadelphia’s charm, their shared love for literature and coffee, and the simple joys of everyday moments. Each location we visited during this photoshoot was intentionally used to showcase the unique layers of their story. This collection of photos not only celebrates their engagement, but highlights the city that will forever be part of their story.

The Countdown Continues

It was an honor to capture this Philadelphia engagement session and be a part of Jessi and Marcus’ love story. I’m eagerly awaiting the big day when these two tie the knot! I cherish couples who invite me along for their entire journey, so much so that I include it in some of my package options to ensure your photos tell a consistent, heartfelt story. This approach allows me to truly understand your relationship, giving me invaluable insight before your wedding. Are you ready to have some fun and take some epic new photos for the wall? Reach out here to get started! I can’t wait to learn all about your love story!



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