Evelynn & Joe’s Allentown Engagement Session

Meet Joe and Evelynn, a newly engaged couple whose love story began in the digital age, with a swipe on the infamous Hinge app. What started as a quirky comment and cautious curiosity blossomed into a deep connection filled with shared adventures and unwavering support! Let’s take a peek into this Allentown engagement session.

Evelynn & Joe's Allentown Engagement

Swipe Right

Joe sparked the conversation with a clever comment on Hinge, catching Ev’s attention despite her initial reservations. After days of texting, their first date at Bru Daddy’s for pizza and beer solidified their connection, with Joe endearingly earning the nickname of Ev’s Allentown tour guide.

First Impressions

Joe was immediately drawn to Ev’s self-confidence and proactive communication style, appreciating her openness and honesty. Similarly, Ev found Joe’s confidence and genuine demeanor refreshing, eliminating any need for guesswork in understanding his feelings.

Drink Up

When it comes to drinks, Joe savors the bold flavors of an imperial NEIPA, while Ev delights in the creations Joe concocts or a simple glass of red wine. They enjoy exploring new areas, trying out different restaurants, and indulging in guilty pleasures like binge-watching reality dating shows.

Better Together

For Joe, Ev’s unparalleled support is the cornerstone of their relationship, providing strength and encouragement through life’s ups and downs. Meanwhile, Ev finds solace in Joe’s infectious enthusiasm for life, and his positive outlook as a constant source of inspiration.

What’s To Come

Looking ahead, Joe eagerly anticipates continuing their adventures with Ev, his biggest cheerleader, and confidante by his side. Ev shares the sentiment, excited to embrace life’s joys with her favorite person, Joe, as they navigate the journey together.

Home Is Where You Make It

As Joe and Ev continue to build their life together, they cherish the moments of laughter, love, and shared experiences. Their journey, symbolized by their favorite catchphrase, “Home is where you make it,” is filled with memorable hikes, heartfelt conversations, and a deep appreciation for one another.

If you’re recently engaged or simply want to capture the essence of your relationship like Joe and Evelynn, let’s make it happen!



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